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Little Akkaiamma skips gaily along the corridors of her newly constructed block in a government school in Thipenahalli, Karnataka…
Deserving students pore over their college books in Punalur, Kerala…
A beaming Thangamani receives the title deeds of her plot of land in Pallichal, Kerala…
A visually challenged social worker beats odds to provide aid to pandemic strugglers and flood victims in Tamil Nadu…
Recipients of emergency welfare funds overcome monetary upheavals across India…
Rainbow splashes on life’s canvas!

These tiny brushstrokes define Matrushree’s mission!
Inspired by and dedicated to the all-embracing selflessness of a mother’s love,
we aspire to touch lives, gladden hearts and inspire hope…
Weaving wings to give flight to dreams!

Aiding rural infrastructure

Government Primary School,

Enabling higher education

Need-based scholarships
Grace International Academy,
Punalur, Kerala

Transforming lives

Plot of land for permanent housing and livelihood in Pallichal, Kerala, for Thangamani, tireless companion to our family

Sustaining grassroots rehabilitation in rural Tamil Nadu through People’s Participation and Development

Covid-19 relief operations

Flood Relief

Skill Development


James Varghese and Kavitha James
Regi Varghese and Shanthi Regi
Deepak Tanniru and Padma Deepak
Nissim Mannathukkaren and Anupam Pandey
K G Srinath and Vani Srinath
Vasant Kumar and Sarita Vasant Kumar
V Manikandan and Sajani Girija
Michael and Jeno Hosana
Balasubramanian and Shivani Bala

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